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Choose You Lunch & Dinner

CoffeeShape Slimming Meal PlanCoffeeShape Slimming Meal PlanCoffeeShape Slimming Meal PlanCoffeeShape Slimming Meal Plan

Choose one serve of the breads or cereals listed below

White Bread Serving Size             Protein filing Serving Size             Condiments/Extras Serving Size
White Bread 2 thin slices             Beef (lean) 50-80g             Butter 3 tsp
Multigrain bread 2 thin slices             Beef mince (lean) 50-90g             Margarine 5 tsp
Brown bread 2 thick slices 3cm x             Chicken breast 60-100g             Avocado 5 tsp
Foccicia 5cm x 10cm slice             Fish (white, fresh fillet) 100-130g             Peanut butter 1 tbs
Pita bread 1 pocket             Ham (97% fat free) 60-100g                
White bread roll 8cm diameter             Lamb (lean) 60-90g             Apple sauce 2 tbs
                Pork (lean) 60-100g             Barbecue sauce 2 tbs
Boiled/steamed rice 1/2 cup             Salmon (fresh or tinned) 60-100g             Cranberry sauce 2 bs
Boiled Pasta 2/3 cup             Tuna (fresh or tinned) 60-100g             Low fat mayo 2 tbs
Boiled/steamed potatoe 1 medium             Turkey (98% fat free) 60-100g             Low fat sour cream 1.5 tbs
Mashed potatoes 1/2 cup                             Pesto 1.5 tbs
Jacket potatoe 1 small             Cheddar cheese 30g             White sauce 2 tbs
Potatoe Chips 6 chips             Reduced Fat Cheese 40g                
Corn 1 cob             Low fat cottage cheese 120g             Low fat cottage cheese 1/3 cup
                Low fat cream cheese 60g             Low fat mozzarella 2 tbs
                                Parmesan cheese 2 tbs
                Egg with low fat mayo 70g (1/3 cup)                
                                French dressing 1.5 tbs
                Beans/legumes, chick peas, lentils 150g             Italian dressing 1.5 tbs
                                Olive oil 5 tsp
                                Sun dried tomatoes 1/4 cup


And unlimited amounts of: Alfalfa Artichoke Asparagus Bamboo shoots Beans Beetroot Broccoli Broccolini Brussel sprouts Cabbage Capsicum Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chard Choko Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Gherkin Ginger Horseradish Lettuce Leek Mushroom Onion Peas Pumpkin Radish Shallots Silverbeet Split peas Squash Tomato Watercress Zucchini


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