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Success Stories



Terese, 21 , Glenhaven NSW

I lost weight and have never felt this great about myself, my self confidence has definitely increased, whilst my dress size decreased ! All my life I struggled with my weight and thought I would be overweight for the rest of my life. Once I discovered Coffee Shape my dream was about to come true. It was really simple to make myself a cup of coffee each morning and drink it before I would go to work.

After the first week, I started walking around the  block after dinner. I jumped on the scales each morning and started to see  the numbers shrinking, and those results just made me even more eager to stick to it. My goal was to look fantastic at my 21st birthday party and all my family and friends were so happy for me that I looked so good.


Michael, 24 , Glenhaven NSW

My sister got me onto this CoffeeShape Slimming Green Coffee, because she had lost so much weight. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about how 1 cup of coffee could make you lose weight. Once I started to have my Coffee Shape each morning, I felt so alive and full of energy. I didn’t feel the need to eat as much as I used to and my sugar cravings for endless amounts of fizzy drinks  had diminished.

I started to have a healthier outlook on my life as I started to want to eat healthier and not as much as I did before.






Gino, 37 , NSW

Coffee Shape has been so convenient for me to use, as a father of two, mornings are busy with my wife and I getting out the door, so I incorporated it into my daily schedule each morning without fuss, and I also found time to have a decent breakfast.

I loved the fact you can drink a cup of coffee and lose weight, that’s just genius.  I eat much healthier and do regular exercise.  

As a maintenance program to keep me on track I still have one cup of Coffee Shape every second day and I have had the energy and willingness to participate in team sports and also go to the gym – I’m enjoying being lighter and healthier and being able to perform better.

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